Water resistant & flexible liquid membrane coating

There is no heat involved...no blowtorches! 

The application of liquid membrane is easy and noiseless!

We make use of the latest liquid roof coating products to provide you with a long-term solution against water leaks when heavy rain hits. 

Thanks to its flexibility features, a liquid membrane can be applied on either asphalt and concrete surfaces, both straight or round ones; as long as they are dry.

Since this quick type of waterproofing membrane comes in liquid or spray form it works very efficiently on joint and difficult to reach areas.

Hence, even the tiniest and complex cracks can be sealed easily and effectively.

Creating an even thickness along the whole surface is of the utmost important for the liquid membrane to reach its full efficacy.

At CP Waterproofing we provide liquid waterproofing membrane in various colours to complement your building.

Our expert team can also take care of applying a blue or white liquid membrane to the floor of your swimming pool as an extra protective sealant in case of a water leak.

Insulation Paint to Reduce Heat by 90%

We also take care of adding an extra layer of protection to the liquid waterproofing membrane. 

Thanks to the thermal reflective coating it creates, insulation paint can reduce the amount of heat penetrating into all types of buildings - domestic, commercial and industrial.

Blocking heat from hitting your building will make your indoors feel much cooler during the hot temperature months!



 cost-efficient price


 long-term solution


 Available in various colours


 suitable for pools


 UV resistant

stop watch

 Easy and quick to apply