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Applying long-lasting bituminous membrane on roofs and walls

 As one of the leading waterproofing contractors companies in Malta we seek to provide our clients with the best guaranteed service possible.

At CP Waterproofing we take care of applying sheet based waterproofing membrane on domestic, commercial and industrial premises for a high performance against water leaks and other natural moisture formations.

As a long-lasting roofing solution, the bituminous waterproofing membrane is applied with the use of bitumen based sheets on a dry area. These are then rolled down to cover the roof or wall while being melted into the surface with a blowtorch.

This waterproofing membrane method is non-toxic but requires precision and skill, especially in areas where joints meet. 

Our experienced team can deliver a high quality finished job 100% with the end result being like having one big carpet covering the roof or wall!

By spreading evenly the rolling sheets of bituminous membrane we give the surface an added coating that is resistant to both cold and hot temperatures. 

The sheet membrane has a solid hold and at the same time has elasticity features that make it tear resistant.

A quality waterproofing membrane job at a reasonable price

At CP Waterproofing we offer 3 colours of bituminous membrane sheets - black, green or grey. Get in touch with us for an on-site consultation on the ideal sheet membrane design we can apply. 

Bituminous membrane fits best on clear empty surfaces so that the laying of the waterproofing membrane sheets is more effective without the need to cut around obstacles such as solar panels and water tanks.



 Inexpensive material


 Cut to the size of the surface




 Lasts long


 100% strong sealant


 Acts as a soundproof barrier