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Liquid Membrane

Bored of water leaks in winter and extreme indoor heat during summer.

  We offer the solution with liquid membrane available in any colour for wide surfaces such as roofs and walls.

We can also apply liquid membrane on pool floors!


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Bituminous Membrane

Also referred to as sheet based membrane, this type of waterproofing membrane is usually the one commonly used. 

This sheet based membrane comes in 3 colours - black, grey or green and is an excellent solution for Domestic, Industrial and Commercial buildings


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Damp Proofing

At CP Waterproofing we also take care of those areas which unlike roofs or walls lack exposure to sunlight. 

Unfortunately, no sunlight on buildings can be just as damaging due to the creation of moisture such as mould.

This is very common in underground garages or basements whereby the stone remains constantly humid. With anti-humidity membrane applications we can help you reduce the spreading of mould.

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Free on-site consultation for a quotation provided within 24hrs

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 A complete technical data sheet of the product is provided with every job

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Maintenance and repair services on old waterproofing membranes

Avoid from having a leaking roof and consult with us, the specialists at CP Waterproofing


CP Waterproofing was established way back in 1995 by Colin Paris. With the main office based in Swatar, this family-run business activity is your point of contact for the latest waterproofing membrane systems. Ever since we started, we have constantly put quality and reliability up front.

Whichever project we are entrusted with, be it big or small, CP Waterproofing is committed to deliver a complete job on time with the owner being involved directly on-site, EVERY TIME!

Our process is simple - give us a call for an on-site appointment and we will provide you with free advice on the best type of waterproofing membrane to apply to your building. 

We have applied waterproofing membranes on various buildings such as houses, offices, local government buildings, schools, factories and others!

Our aim is to provide our clients with competitive prices without reducing the quality of the products we apply in all our waterproofing works.

Once the job is done CP Waterproofing remains available as well, offering an excellent aftersales service to clients from different sectors. 


 Quality waterproofing of floors and walls

 Damp proofing

 Waterproofing of canopies

 Underfloor waterproofing

 Waterproofing accessories for drain outlets